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About us

WOA Universal Trading and Service Joint Stock Company is a business that is legally authorized to exclusively manage and proprietary exploit the entire plot and characters of the animation brand Wolfoo.

Brand Positioning
"Accompany businesses in boosting brand values through the most globally beloved characters animation licensing based on the advantage in producing digital content and multi-channel marketing."

Mission: Provide the connectivity, the development and the longevity between animated characters and real life.

Vision: Establish a professional and efficient character copyright distribution system that can be reproduced and transferred.

Wolfoo ecosystem

Wolfoo is the leading animation brand in holistic integration of entertainment and education, through a rich ecosystem of familiar and attractive products to children across the world.

Wolfoo Ecosystem

Wolfoo Certificate

Top 10 The Vietnam Competitive Trademark Winner

Wolfoo is proud to be in Top 10 The Vietnam Competitive Trademark Winner


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