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Who Is WOA Universal?

WOA Universal Trading and Service Joint Stock Company is a business unit that is legally authorized to exclusively manage and proprietary exploit the characters image of WOA ecosystem including Wolfoo, Max’s Puppy Dog, Trạng Quỳnh thời nhí nhố, etc.

What We Do?

Wolfoo Ehon - Wolfoo IQ Book

WOA Universal x 1980Books

Wolfoo Boardgame

WOA Universal x Boardgame Viet Nam

Wolfoo City Playground

WOA Universal x Wolfoo City

Wolfoo Ecosystem

Starting with Wolfoo Shorts video, Wolfoo movies develop and expand into remarkable ventures such as Wolfoo Series, Wolfoo Family Song, Wolfoo Game, Wolfoo City, Wolfoo Show, Wolfoo Dental and ultimately culminating in the creation of the delightful Wolfoo Merchandise.

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