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Licensed Industry


“Unlocking educational potential: Licensing character-based content with strong educational values!”

We license character-based content and images, with a particular focus on important educational values. We believe that building a good role model enhances the learning and creative experience. Our goal is to provide educational and entertainment products that meet the needs of society.


“Make children excited with delicious candies: Cooperate with FMCG suppliers to enhance product quality as concerned about the health of Vietnamese consumers!”

Famous animated characters loved by children always appeal to them. That’s why we focus on partnering with FMCG suppliers that prioritize both quality and customer health to deliver high-quality products and also user-friendly packaging for consumers.

By including famous characters’ images in our candy products, we create a fun interactive experience to bring joy to Vietnamese children.


“Characters come to life through fashion: A groundbreaking choice to drive sales.”

With a big mission, we enter the field of fashion with the Wolfoo character set. Like characters that can inspire and educate, Wolfoo embodies 12 qualities that help children create and express themselves. We currently partner with fashion brands to bring Wolfoo’s story into special fashion collections.

By partnering with major fashion brands, we aim to create a modern fashion trend that allows consumers to freely express themselves.


“Bringing joy from famous characters: Unique products with fun images.”

We offer unique and delightful products featuring your favorite characters, bringing joy and imagination into your everyday life. Our fun images create a new, modern, and stylish trend. With our products, you can bring fun and imagination into your everyday life. Explore our collection and create memories with your favorite characters!


“Bringing fun and a unique experience like never before.”

We bring fun images of beloved cartoon characters to create a special connection between the character, the consumer, and the business. From services such as restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, events, and festivals, we create a special lively space that customers can enjoy with their favorite characters.


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