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Cooperating to license the Wolfoo brand for Leadjoy in the Chinese market

Enhancing Cooperation To License The Wolfoo Brand To The China Market

At June 6, 2023, WOA UNIVERSAL and Leadjoy announced the signing of a strategic partnership contract to expand the presence of “Wolfoo” products in the Chinese market. Leadjoy, a Shanghai-based
WOA Universal và 1980 books hợp tác cho ra mắt sách Wolfoo EQ và Wolfoo IQ

WOA Universal publishes the Wolfoo IQ and EQ book series to encourage children’s development

WOA UNIVERSAL and 1980 Books released the Wolfoo Ehon and Wolfoo Explore series on May 28. The book aims to continue the educational principles of the Wolfoo animated series by
Gia tăng giá trị thương hiệu sản phẩm với giải pháp cấp quyền hình ảnh


To Receive Quotes and Promotional Policies for Character Image Sets