WOA Universal publishes the Wolfoo IQ and EQ book series to encourage children’s development

WOA UNIVERSAL and 1980 Books released the Wolfoo Ehon and Wolfoo Explore series on May 28.

The book aims to continue the educational principles of the Wolfoo animated series by teaching children lessons that can be applied in everyday life.

WOA Universal xuất bản bộ sách Wolfoo IQ và Wolfoo EQ
WOA Universal publishes the Wolfoo IQ and Wolfoo EQ book series

Useful discussion on how to raise children

The following individuals participated in the book launch event:

  • Ms. Tran Thuy Linh: Co-founder of the American Montessori School preschool program and Deputy Director of the Institute for Applied Education Research and Development (IARED).
  • Ms. Huong Do:Famous author “Raising children is not a battle”
  • Ms. Quynh Huong: Author of the book series Wolfoo Ehon and Wolfoo Discover.

What makes the Wolfoo educational book series different?

Sách Wolfoo IQ và EQ đã có mặt trên thị trường
Wolfoo IQ and EQ books are available on the market

Through a collection of stories related to the lives of Wolfoo and his friends, Wolfoo Ehon focuses on fostering emotional quotient (EQ). To influence the child’s perspective and foster positive emotions, it presents specific situations.

While this is going on, Wolfoo Discover offers IQ-boosting lessons. The interactive games and creative design in the book series encourage children to develop critical thinking and reasoning abilities.

With these two well-thought-out products, WOA Universal wants to help and support parents in the process of raising their children.

Where can I buy books from the Wolfoo Book Series?

You can find Wolfoo Merchandise on the Official WOA System: Woa Store Shopee Mall, Woa Store FanPage and Vincom Smart City Mall.

Sự kiện ra mắt sách Wolfoo EQ và Wolfoo IQ tại Wolfoo City
Wolfoo EQ and Wolfoo IQ book launch event at Wolfoo City

The partner distribution network includes national bookstore chains 1980 Books, Board Game Viet Nam, Fahasa and Phuong Nam, both online and offline.

In addition, the product will soon have a stronger presence on websites for international markets such as Amazon, Shopify,…

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